Shri Samarth Nagar

Excellent planning in wonderful environment lays out 112 beautiful bungalows and 128 alluring flats. Owning it will give you pride, living in it surely will offer you utmost comfort. Every unit are neatly appointed in good view, ample light and nice breeze. >>

2 BHK Row Bungalow

When you dont really need much and still you get a little more, it's always delight ! This 2 bedroom row Bungalow is self contained and cosy making a great place for your small family. >>

2.5 BHK Twin Bungalow

A perfect example of excellent space utilisation keeping in mind your need; everything in its place and everything has enough space.... that's how this 2.5 bedroom home is designed. >>

3 BHK Bungalow

Get larger than life experience inthis spaciously designed 3 bedroom home which is just perfect for your family. Liberal space & yet very well defined to give you the best of luxury & function. >>


Shri Samarth Nagar is located in Kolhapur city's premium Phulewadi area which is in close proximity of well-known landmarks such as Rankala Lake & SHalini Palace. Even reaching the down town is effortless. >>

  • Rankala Lake...........1 Km
  • Mahalaxmi Temple.......2.75 Km
  • Railway Station........5 Km

Welcome to Shri Chougale Sawant Developers

Shri Samarth Nagar, Kolhapur

Having a beautiful home surrounded by lush natures beauty is every ones dream, which seems impossible now a days. But Chougale Sawant Developers wish to make your dream come true by offering you 'Shree Samarth Nagar' surrounded by greenery located at Balinga Kolhapur.

In very close proximity of down town and near to well known land marks of Kolhapur the Rankala lake & Shalini palace, 'Shree Samarth Nagar1 offers you Club house. Swimming pcol, Garden, Mandir, Gym and above the rest pollution free Fresh Air.

'Shree Samarth Nagar1 is one of the biggest residential projects in Kolhapur city, offering 240 units which includes 1 & 2 BHK Flats, Row Houses, Twin Bungalows & Paint Houses.

'Shree Samarth Nagar' is built considering the Vastushastra which will assure peace of mind and make your 'Dreams come true' Row Houses Main Gate